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Sep. 05, 2018

West Point Desserts such as Cookies (Cookies) and Cupcake (Cupcakes) are increasingly popular with modern people. “Bake and easy to beautiful” provides healthy, fashionable, safe and environmentally friendly baking paper for those who love food.

More than a decade ago, people’s awareness of food safety was weak, and the baking paper used in the market was varied. People mistakenly believed that the whiter and cleaner the food paper, the more white it is, the more safe it is, so that people use paper containing fluorescent agents and heavy metals for food packaging. This situation is worrying.

Ms. Zhang Chunying, founder of Luchuan Company, decided to manufacture and produce “healthy, fashionable, safe and environmentally friendly” paper products. In 2005, Qingdao Luchuan Paper Products Co., Ltd. was established, and its own brand “Bakeeasy Bakeasy” was founded. Ms. Zhang has carefully selected materials based on her experience in exporting paper for nearly 30 years. Under the efforts of the company's R&D team, the cake cups produced by the company are fashionable and novel, and are favored by the baking industry!

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