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Sep. 05, 2018

     Bakery products such as cookies and cakes have been playing a popular role in people's life especially during recent years. While people are seeking for higher-quality life with their strengthened purchase power, problems about food safety came into people's attention that cannot be neglected. Bakery paper products industry is also under the pressure of food safety, and one of the main reasons is that over 10 years ago many customers in China mistakenly believed "the whiter of paper, the better of quality". Therefore, in order to satisfy the customers, some manufacturers used fluorescent agents and other chemical items to make their bakery paper as bleached and brightened as possible, which actually makes up an irony on food safety. 

     By being a responsible and credible manufacturer, Ms. Zhang Chunying, founder of Qingdao Bakery Paper Products Co. Ltd., decided to supply the "Eco-friendly, Safe and Premium" bakery paper products to markets around the world. Qingdao Bakery Paper Products Co. Ltd. was established in 2005, and its own brand "Bakeasy" was registered in 2010. With the leading awareness of the market and experienced producing team and experts, Qingdao Bakery Paper Products Co. Ltd. has developed repidly great progress ,and its products are very popular in Europe, USA and Australia etc.

     Thanks to the profound professional experiences of Ms. Zhang and the efforts of the whole team, the bakery paper products produced by the Qingdao Bakery successfully become outstanding and are greatly favored by the bakery industries and consumers.


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