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Sep. 05, 2018


     With the development of purchase power and the increase of the quality of life, bakery products, such as cookies and cakes, is more and more popular in modern people's life. Therefore the bakery paper product was growing as a huge industry with the development of the bakery products. However, because people's awareness of bakery paper safety was obscure and because the bakery paper products used in the market was varied, people mistakenly believed that the safe paper must be white so that many manufacturers always use paper containing fluorescent agents and heavy metals for bakery package to satisfy customers.

    Ms. Zhang Chunying, founder of Qingdao Bakery Paper Products Co. Ltd., decided to supply "Eco-friendly, Safe and Premium" bakery paper products. Qingdao Bakery Paper Products Co. Ltd. and its own brand "Bakeasy" was established in 2005, and its own brand "Bakeasy" was also founded at the same time. 

    With the profound professional experiences of Ms. Zhang and the efforts of the team of Qingdao Bakery, the bakery paper products produced by the Qingdao Bakery stand out from the bakery paper industry and are favored by the bakery industry and customers.


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